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Welcome to the very first Director’s Blog post!   I’m hoping to touch on a wide range of topics, some personal, some professional, that will help you get to know me better and that will put a personal face on how I see my role in the library and in the greater Marin community.  

I did not grow up thinking “I’m going to be a librarian when I’m older.”  I have fond library memories of the children’s area in my small New Jersey town and of hanging out in the library as a high school student because it was the in place to be with my friends, but my college major was Russian Studies and I fully intended a career using those skills.  My carefully thought through plans changed when just out of college, my husband went off to do military service, leaving me with an interesting but undemanding job. A local university offered a Masters in Library Science and the rest, as they say, is history.  I’ve worked as a teen librarian, a reference librarian, and as an assistant director and director in several New England libraries.  In my more than 20 years in Marin I’ve worked at several of our branches in different capacities and have been the director for 4 years.  Looking back, I can’t believe my luck in finding a career that has been both personally fulfilling and also gave me a chance to give back to all the communities in which I’ve lived.

Next time, the best and the least good about being County Librarian.

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