All branches of Marin County Free Library will be closed on Monday, July 4 for Independence Day.

The Library supports programs with the mission of making a broad range of culture, information and knowledge available for the needs of the public.  Programs will provide additional opportunities for information, learning, community engagement and enrichment.  The Library does not allow programming that is solely for commercial purposes, is religious in nature or is designed to recruit members.  Library sponsorship of a program does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the program or views expressed at the program.

Programming is a fundamental component of service that:

  • Expands the Library’s role a cultural and community center
  • Introduces attendees to library resources and materials
  • Provides entertainment and learning opportunities
  • Raises awareness and visibility of the library to the community
  • Attracts new library patrons

All programs will be without charge and open to the general public.  Some programs might be directed towards a particular audience, i.e. children’s programs.  Programs targeted toward specific audiences will be publicized as such.  Publicity and announcement of programs will be done in a timely manner.

Registrations for some programs might be necessary when space is limited.  A sponsored program may be in the Library or off site.  The Library is committed to ensuring access to all and reasonable accommodations will be made to ensure people with disabilities may attend or participate.

Libraries may partner with other agencies and organizations to present programs.

Any sales of products (i.e. books or CDs) at the Library programs must be approved by the Library and benefit the Library or with affiliated groups.  No solicitation of products or services is permitted.

The effectiveness of a library program will be based on attendance, audience satisfaction, attraction of new patrons to the Library and the promotion of other library goals and addressing the needs of a specific target audience.

The Branch Manager is responsible for programming at each library.  The Library welcomes opinions from customers regarding programming.  If a patron has a concern or question with a program they should discuss the matter with a Library staff member.  Patrons who wish to formalize the process should fill out a customer comment card.