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Library Journal's Best Street Lit of 2011 List

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Best Street Lit of 2011


Library Journal just released their Best Books of 2011 Lists. Included were their recommendations for the best Street Lit.  Click on the pictures below to find them in the library's catalog. Or let us know you want these Best of books and more added to the collection.


Hall, Sereniti. Feenin’

Feenin' by Sereniti Hall








Hall’s from-the-heart writing exposes the harsh reality of crack addiction and landing on the wrong side of the law while winning over fans of raw street lit. (LJ BookSmack! 1/20/11)









K’wan. Eviction Notice: A Hood Rat Novel.

Eviction Notice by K'Wan







This latest installment in K’wan’s widely popular series lifts him from “just another street lit author” to a writer who produces thrilling plots laced with genuine street slang. (LJ BookSmack! 7/21/11)










Hilton, Erica & others. Dirty Money Honey.
Honey Brown is one bad woman planning a Las Vegas casino robbery. Three street lit authors—Hilton, Nisa Santiago, and Kim K.—tag team Honey’s story line and come up with a wild ride marked by rough slang, murder, and nasty sex. (LJ BookSmack! 9/15/11)

DuPree, Kia. Silenced
This searing portrait of the working poor living on the wrong side of K Street in Washington, DC, is the real deal. Its inner-city realism compares favorably with Sister Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever and Sapphire’s Push. (LJ BookSmack! 8/18/11)

Silhouettes. Street Soldier
With “Street Soldier” defiantly tattooed on his chest, Jamal “Prince” Perkins is a teenager who knows how to survive. “A boy’s best friend wasn’t his dog around here…it was a 9 mm strapped to his side.” An edgy tale of coming-of-age on the street. (LJ BookSmack! 6/16/11)

Turner, Nikki. Heartbreak of a Hustler’s Wife
This sequel to Natural Born Hustler comes loaded with plenty of drama, crackling slang, and oh, my, Turner writes with fury when her women get scorned. (LJ BookSmack! 2/17/11)


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