A New Favorite: John Ajvide Lindqvist

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I'm a big fan of the horror genre - I have been ever since I read Stephen King's The Shining at the tender age of 11.  I love it when I can recognize the canon of a classic monster story in a modern one, but I also enjoy all of the ways writers interpret and recreate our most beloved terrors.  I've happily found a new author to add to my must read horror list. John Ajvide Lindqvist got me hooked with his first novel, Let the Right One In, a creepy vampire tale which was later made into both Swedish and American feature films.  I've read his subsequent two horror titles, Handling the Undead, about zombies, and his latest, The Harbor, about, well, a harbor, and I enjoyed them both as much as the first.  He likes to explore the shades-of-grey motivations of his protagonists as the story unfolds, in a way that reminds me of Stephen King.  The characters may not all be likable, but Lindqvist makes them relatable, so when the horror starts, you feel it from their point of view.  His bleak Nordic settings, his affinity for the 1980s music and culture, and his unique twists on some familiar fiends have endeared him to me.  Can't wait for the next one! 
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Posted by: Sarah

Sarah is a youth services librarian at the Corte Madera Library.

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