New Books, Book News, and Book Clubs – Where Do I Start?

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New Books, Book News and Book Clubs: Where Do I Start?

Marin County Free Library offers some great tools to patrons for discovering new books.  With New Book Alerts, you can find out what the latest purchased items are at the library.  Book News offers lists of materials for discovering new authors and genres, and Online Book Clubs  can get you hooked with a free intro chapter of lots of titles.  The services seem similar, in that patrons can subscribe to each service via e-mail to get regular notifications, and each of these resources is meant to help you discover new materials.  Each one is unique, however, and has central features that are all a bit different.  Check out New Book Alerts, Book News, and Online Book Clubs below to find out more!

New Book Alerts

Want to get your hands on the newest items purchased by your local library?  Sign up to get alerts via e-mail and/or RSS feeds with New Book Alerts.  If you see a new title that you are interested in, just click “check catalog” to find the status and place a request.  This service is customizable by interest, and includes links to Overdrive for some titles, which are available as eBooks.

Book News

Marin County Free Library staff has created some great reading lists at Book News, updated monthly.  Subscribe via e-mail to discover new authors and titles in your favorite subjects/genres.  These lists feature hot new titles and old favorites within various categories.  Eager to explore Science Fiction books for the first time?  ¿Quieres encontrar libros en español? Explora noticias del libro!

Not sure where to start?  Book News can get you going with some great suggestions.  Click on the list and book cover images in each list to read a summary of what is inside, book reviews, and a link to find/request the title in the MCFL catalog.

Online Book Clubs

Get a sneak peek at titles with Online Book Clubs, where you can receive a daily preview with excerpts and intro chapters from featured titles each week.  Subscribe via e-mail to the club you are interested in and get the chapter mailed right to your inbox!  Learn about the author of each week’s selected title, read a synopsis of the book, check the catalog, and more.  Or, read the chapter right from the Online Book Club genre page! 

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