Power has been restored to the Marin City Library and they are now open.

Enki Electronic Books
Jul 20, 2014
Have you discovered Enki eBooks yet?  Discover a new author you’ve never heard of before!  Search through over 18,000 fiction and non-fiction titles for children, teens, and adults!...
True Story:  Bestseller Audiobooks are free from the library
Jul 15, 2014
OverDrive and OneClick Digital both offer free downloadable audiobooks.Borrow one and listen on your smartphone.Start Here:  http://marinlibrary.org/books-movies-and-more/downloads
Jul 14, 2014
First this alert:   I'll be telling Animal Tales at the Fairfax Library on Thurs. 7/24 at 7 p.m.--some folktales, some personal stories of critters who've entered my life. ...
New Books, Book News and Book Clubs: Where Do I Start?
Jul 13, 2014
Marin County Free Library offers some great tools to patrons for discovering new books.  With New Book Alerts, you can find out what the latest purchased items are at the library.  Book...
Jul 7, 2014
This installment: an abducted girl thriller; a fine older memoir; a sad multi-layered book set in New England; a yeasty novel of family dysfunction; Binchy’s last, comforting novel; a tale...
Gooney Bird and All Her Charms
Jun 24, 2014
The Axis360 eBook platform has loads of ebooks for kids that you can download to your ereader or iPad or tablet.Take them with you on vacation!We suggest using the Blio format and reading app for...
Jun 23, 2014
This installment:  a CD version of a powerful novel; Atkinson’s current masterpiece; a bad girl’s memoir; a well-meaning social worker in the South in the ‘60s; another tasty...
Jun 16, 2014
But first a note: I'll be performing in Mill Valley this Saturday night, 6/21, at the Community Church of Mill Valley, 8 Olive St at 8 p.m with 4 other women tellers.  The title: Sex, Death...
The Fault in Our Stars
Jun 16, 2014
Read The Fault in Our Stars on your Pad, phone or eReader.Use the 3M Cloud service, and download it!Go to our Marin Library direct link:  http://ebook.3m.com/library/marincntyfreelib/ 
The Power of Five
Jun 11, 2014
Listen to Anthony Horowitz's entire fantasy series The Power of Five on our Audiobook platform:  OneClickdigital.From the Marin County Library Website, click on the QuickLink: Download...