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So, we all love Ryan Gosling, right? What's not to love: He carries his dog up escalators, wears his jammies to the Cannes, and is so obviously superior to Bradley Cooper. Many of you may have already seen/love this blog, but it's one of my favorite Tumblrs of 2011. May I present: Feminist Ryan Gosling.

feminist ryan gosling on tumblr

You may have seen most of his movies, but do you recognize the feminist texts?  If you're me, you recognized more texts than photos.  But either way, here are some worthy pairings from the Feminist and Gosling Canons. Click the book and film covers to find them in the library catalog:

ryan gosling and foucault

foucault bookall good things film


simone de beauvoir

the second sex beauvoirthe notebook


bell hooks


aint i a woman crazy stupid love


gloria anzaldua



If feminist theory isn't your thing, find more Ryan Gosling-tagged Tumblrs
If Ryan Gosling isn't your thing, find more feminist-tagged Tumblrs

P.S. We did not make this one.

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