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It's a new year at the Bolinas library and although the space is limited in this small library on the coast, we do have some new art to see both inside and out.

Chinese New Year is celebrating the year of the dragon and in commemoration a new mural has been painted on the seawall near the Bolinas beach. The mural was designed and painted by the Bolinas Art Collective. The two-headed dragon has both a male and female end and if you look closely you will see that it spells out 2012.

Sea Wall                                                       


In the library, Janis Yerington who has newly moved to Bolinas has put up her wonderful whale. She says she is inspired by the "beautiful new town, the sea, Melville and the Spirit." The whale is made from recycled wood and is hand carved and painted.





From the Wild Book Show at Gallery Route 1 in Pt. Reyes, Arline Mathieru's "Marine Library: Between the Tides" is on display at the Bolinas Library. Arline is also a new volunteer at the library.

marine library


The text of the piece is as follows:

Between the Tides

Where ocean and land meet can be found stories

                                           of time

                                            of life

                                             of change

Words written

                      in whitened bones, empty shells,

                                                   smoothness of stone

                      in meadows of sea plants

                      in the lines along the shore




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Posted by: Jane

Jane works at the Bolinas Library.

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