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picture of the outer shell, inner cover and and an open Nook

Library Beyond Walls, the MCFL in-home delivery service for library users no longer able to visit our facilities, is now lending pre-loaded Nook Simple Touch e-readers to qualified applicants. Unlike our Nook Color e-readers that are available to any adult library user (with a signed agreement), these e-readers are text-only.  The Simple Touch is both smaller and considerably lighter than the Nook Color, even with its protective cloth cover.

The greatest advantage of this e-reader is that it offers crystal sharp text that can be adjusted...


...from the very compact... image of the smallest text size on the Nook the comfortably large. image of the largest text size on the Nook


This format is especially helpful for people with diminished eyesight since the text size can be so easily adjusted. 

It is just another example of how MCFL continues to explore and invest in technologies that support the enjoyable habit of reading.

To find out more about this program please visit our web page at

Applications are available for download from that page.

To find out more about our Nook Color lending program please visit our web page at

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Posted by: Dan

Dan works at the Point Reyes Library and for Library Beyond Walls.

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