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April is National Poetry month and the Bolinas Library is highlighting and displaying part of its local poetry collection. The Bolinas Library has over 100 volumes of poetry written by local poets both past and present. Offered here is a poem by Joanne Kyger, a long time Bolinas resident and avid library user. Joanne has published more than twenty collections of poetry as well as several books of prose. This poem, Night Palace, is from About Now: Collected Poems (2007), p. 760.



                                                             NIGHT PALACE



                                     The best thing about the past


                                                                                 is that it's over


                                                                  when you die


                                                   you wake up


                                      from the dream


                                                                                    that's your life!


                                 Then you grow up


                                                          and get to be post human


                                                      in a past        that keeps happening


                                             ahead of you


Joanne Kyger


For further explorations in poetry, look at Poetry Foundation and The Academy of American Poets. offers a free poem a day emailed directly to you. It's a great way to take a deep breath and slow down once a day.





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Posted by: Jane

Jane works at the Bolinas Library.

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