All branches of Marin County Free Library will be closed on Monday, July 4 for Independence Day.

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Between the Covers sounds like a new erotica title at the library. In fact it is the program title of our adult summer reading program. You can imagine the discussion that ensued at our first committee meeting. “What?” was my first response. Is this a joke meant to entice and also change the stereotype of librarians? No, in fact many libraries in the country are using this common program for their adult summer reading activities.


The committee proceeded to find amazing family/adult activities related to this clever title.  Our summer reading program begins on June 9th. Just signup beginning June 9th at or visit your local Marin County Free Library branch. As a sign up prize you will receive a pocket flashlight to read with between the covers. This reminds me of warm summer nights reading all the Nancy Drew books I could find at our local library. Read and share a new or favorite book with the Marin community by submitting an online review. For each review you submit you will be entered in the summer raffle. Need help? Our librarians have compiled wonderful reading lists for night readers, eBooks, film noir, restful reads and more which you will find on our website.


I will be teaching family craft events at most branches. Please check our calendar, for specific dates and times. Other summer adult activities include The Garden at Night lecture by Marin Master Gardeners, A little Night Music, a concert of 16th-20th century Spanish music, and Stargazing with and astronomer Bing Quock of the California Academy of Sciences. Visit the calendar online or stop by your local branch to register for these great events.


More importantly, spend warm summer nights relaxing and reading Between the Covers!


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