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What is more American than an old fashioned county fair? I grew up with one of my favorite movies being State Fair. Spending hot summers in a small town during the 50’s gave me a connection to this movie. Every summer my family visited our county fair, so hot and so fun!

Twentieth Century-Fox couldn't make a film version of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's Oklahoma in 1945--that particular Broadway musical would remain a "hot ticket" until the end of the decade--so the studio did the next best thing by hiring Rodgers & Hammerstein to pen the score for the Technicolor State Fair. A small-town family travels to the Texas State Fair. The father is looking for a blue ribbon for his prize hog, Blue Boy, mom is looking for glory in her cooking, and the kids are looking for love. You add Pat Boone, Bobby Darin and Ann Margaret and you have the perfect formula for a teen flick in the 50’s. You can borrow this from the library and with a few sparklers enjoy an old time fair experience.

This year the California Room of the Marin County Free Library will host a booth during the Marin County Fair. Drop by to play a Marin history quiz and win free prizes. Visit the fairs website for more information,

Stay around after your visit and watch the glorious fireworks!

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