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I think of libraries as people places – our buildings are lively with the hum of staff going about their jobs, of children discovering possibilities, of adults learning and visiting and discussing. 

Some of the most important people in our libraries are the volunteers who come to share their expertise and talents and time and energy.  Our volunteers range from young teens to retired seniors.  They fill a wide range of roles.  They are amateur historians who help out in the Anne T. Kent California History Room.  They read to groups of adults in assisted living facilities.  They mend books that may have been loved just a little too hard. They help with putting books away and with keeping order in our miles of shelving.  They create videos to give us a face on social media.  They are the extra pair of hands at programs.  They offer classes on using our computers and electronic resources. 

Recently the Novato Library honored a 20 Year Volunteer at their annual Friends of the Library tea.  A self-described “library junkie” she also works at the Friends’ nonprofit store The Book Place and writes for the Friends' newsletter.  When asked “why such commitment” her ready answer was “I can’t imagine life without books!”  I can’t either, so I thank her from the bottom of my heart for helping make the library a little more special for all of us here in Marin. 



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