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Amelia  Roskin-FrazeeAs a seventh-grader, Amelia Roskin-Frazee was frustrated to discover that there were no LGBT books in her school library. In November she started the Make It Safe Project which donates boxes of 10 LGBT-themed fiction and nonfiction books to schools and homeless shelters.

 “When there are no books with LGBT characters, it gives LGBT (and questioning) kids the message that it’s not normal, that nobody else is like them, that something is wrong with them. And that’s a really dangerous thing,” says Amelia.

Now a sophomore, Amelia has been recognized as one of the “Top 40, Under 40 LGBT Activists of 2012” by The Advocate magazine. Read about Amelia and her various projects in this SF Gate article.

And, check out the LGBT books at Marin County Free Library.

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Posted by: Martha

Martha is a librarian at the Fairfax Library.

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