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The Universe is made of stories, not atoms. (Muriel Rukeyser)


Stories from Life at the Bolinas Library, March 5th, 7pm

7x7: 7 people with 7 true stories, 7 minutes long. Readers are Jane Mickelson, Lawrence Distasi, (local Bolinas author) Michael Rafferty, (Bolinas author and used bookstore owner) , Anna Gade, (Library Improvement Society member), Stuart Chapman, (artist), Neshama Franklin (of the Fairfax Library and Bolinas resident), and Jane Silvia (of the Bolinas Library)


Storytelling with friends or community members makes for a cozy winter evening, or spring for that matter. The idea for this program is derived from Spark storytelling, a spoken word series originally started in London. Spark describes the series as:

                       True stories told from the stage, Expect the unusual, the hilarious, the tragic and the heartwarming.

Spark Off Rose based in Santa Monica says:

                        We’ve found that the public has a thirst for real, true stories. People are yearning to hear others talk about their personal experiences in the spirit of oral

                        tradition....Most participants are not professional writers. For us, it's about great stories, and most of the time they write themselves.


If you would like to try this and your story is not writing itself, here are some helpful books that you can find in our catalog.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up               Keep It Real                                    Healing Art of Storytelling                                 The Best of Creative Non -Fiction                            



        The Story is True                      Storytelling animal      

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Posted by: Jane

Jane works at the Bolinas Library.

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