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Authors of fiction and non-fiction, in print or out of print, are included on this list if they were born or have lived in the county.  Journalists are not included unless they have published a book.  Self-published authors are not included unless there is strong local interest.  Birth and death dates are included if known.  Most recent place of residence is listed first when known.  The Anne T. Kent California Room has an expanded list that includes local poets whose work appears only in journals as well as self-published authors.

Marin Author Name Birth - Death In Marin Genres Website
Schuler, Ruth Wildes Novato Non-Fiction
Schutz, Will 1925 - Muir Beach, Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Schwimmer, Larry Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Scott, Alan 1936 - Marshall Non-Fiction
Seth, Vikram 1952 - Fiction, Non-Fiction
Severson, Judy Belvedere Non-Fiction
Seymour, Richard Fiction, Non-Fiction
Shaver, Cynthia Non-Fiction
Shaw, Judith B. 1935 - Novato Non-Fiction
Sheff, David Non-Fiction
Shelton, Jack Sausalito Non-Fiction
Shepard, Sam 1943 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Sherman, Frederick Barreda 1892 - 1986 Non-Fiction
Sherwin, Elton B. Belvedere Non-Fiction
Sherwin, Sterling 1892 - 1977 Non-Fiction
Shine, Marianne Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Shiro, Rich Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Shlain, Leonard 1937? - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Shore, Richard S. 1937? - Non-Fiction
Shuford, W. David 1949 - Bolinas Non-Fiction
Shura, Mary Francis 1923 - Non-Fiction
Sidjakov, Nivolas 1924 - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Siegel, Sheldon M. 1958 - Greenbrae Fiction
Silliphant, Stirling Dale 1918 - 1996 Strawberry Fiction
Silver, Helene M. 1947? - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Silverman, Milton 1944 - Non-Fiction
Silverman, William A. Greenbrae Non-Fiction
Silverstein, Shel 1932 - 1999 Sausalito Fiction, Non-Fiction
Sinclair, April San Geronimo Fiction
Singer, Shelley 1939 - Fairfax Fiction
Singer, Thomas 1942 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Sisgold, Steven Corte Madera Non-Fiction
Skutch, Robert Mill Valley, Tiburon Fiction, Non-Fiction
Slaymaker, Charles M. Non-Fiction
Slott, Jonathan Non-Fiction
Slottow, Dick Belvedere Non-Fiction
Small, Sidney Herschel 1912? - 1977 San Rafael Fiction
Smith, Dayle M. Non-Fiction
Smith, Elaine M. Non-Fiction
Smith, Julie 1944 - Fiction
Smith, Martin Cruz 1942 - Mill Valley Fiction
Smith, Thomas 1880 - 1942 Non-Fiction
Smolan, Rick Non-Fiction
Snyder, Gary 1930 - Mill Valley, Corte Madera Non-Fiction
Snyder, Zilpha K. Mill Valley, Larkspur Fiction
Snyderman, Nancy Non-Fiction
Solon, Gregory 1923 - Fiction
Sorokin, Gideon 1930 - Tiburon, Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Soule, Anne Bacon San Rafael Non-Fiction
Spence, Linda Mill Valley Non-Fiction