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Authors of fiction and non-fiction, in print or out of print, are included on this list if they were born or have lived in the county.  Journalists are not included unless they have published a book.  Self-published authors are not included unless there is strong local interest.  Birth and death dates are included if known.  Most recent place of residence is listed first when known.  The Anne T. Kent California Room has an expanded list that includes local poets whose work appears only in journals as well as self-published authors.

Marin Author Name Birth - Death In Marin Genres Website
Frazier, Craig Fiction, Non-Fiction http://www.craigfrazier.com/
Friedman, Steven 1960 - San Rafael Non-Fiction
Fusco, Patricia Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Futcher, Jane Mill Valley, Novato Fiction, Non-Fiction
Galland, China 1934 - Mill Valley http://www.imagesofdivinity.org/
Gann, China 1910 - 1991
Garcia, Jerry 1942 - 1995 http://www.jerrygarcia.com/
Garvin, Richard M. 1942 - Mill Valley http://www.jerrygarcia.com/
Gaston, Felecia Mill Valley
Gatov, Elizabeth Smith 1911? - 1997
Gawain, Ida 1948 - Tiburon Non-Fiction http://www.shaktigawain.com/
Gawain, Shakti 1948 - Tiburon Non-Fiction http://www.shaktigawain.com/
George, Gerald San Rafael
Gibney, Art 1952 - Tiburon
Gidlow, Elsa 1952 - 1986 Mill Valley Fiction
Gilberd, Pamela Boucher 1898 - Mill Valley
Giles, Molly M. 1943? - Mill Valley
Girdner, Jaqueline Mill Valley http://www.maadwomen.com/jakigirdner/
Glass, Terri Anne Greenbrae Fiction http://www.terriglass.com/
Glickstein, Lee Mill Valley http://www.terriglass.com/
Goldberg, Burton 1926 - Tiburon http://www.burtongoldberg.com/
Gores, Joe 1931 - San Anselmo
Gottlieb, Sam 1931 - Fiction
Grant, Sam
Grant, Tracy Nicasio http://tracygrant.wordpress.com/
Graves, Tracy 1962 - Fairfax
Gray, Ginny 1951 - Mill Valley http://home.marsvenus.com/
Gray, Karen Lynn Point Reyes Non-Fiction
Greber, Bill Tiburon
Greber, Judith 1939 - Tiburon http://www.gillianroberts.com/
Greene, Linda A. Forest Knolls
Greggains, Joanie Sausalito http://www.joaniegreggains.com/
Gregory, Joanie 1913 - San Anselmo
Grenier, Bob 1913 - Bolinas
Griffin, Annie Tiburon, San Rafael
Griffin, L. Martin 1920 - Tiburon
Grissim, John D. 1941 - Point Reyes Non-Fiction
Gruber, Gary R. 1940 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction http://drgarygruber.com/
Guglielmo, Pat San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Haas, Elson M 1947 - San Rafael Non-Fiction http://www.elsonhaas.com/
Hagen, John Milton 1892 - 1977 Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Hales, Dianne R 1950 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Hansen, Matthew 1873 - 1968 San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Hanson, Jan Terra Linda Non-Fiction http://www.nurturemom.com/
Hanson, Rick Terra Linda Non-Fiction http://www.nurturemom.com/index.shtml
Harari, Oren 1949 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction http://www.harari.com/
Harper-Haines, Jan 1943 - San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Harrington, Kent A 1952 - San Rafael Fiction
Harris, David 1946 - Mill Valley Fiction
Harris, Latif Mill Valley Fiction