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Marin Poets Live! is a public access television show presented by Marin County Free Library and features host Neshama Franklin, who works at the Fairfax Library. The show introduces local Marin poets and delves into their reasons for writing and the influence that living in Marin County has had on their poetry. The monthly show appears the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm PST. Check the Community Media Center of Marin for schedules.

The interview with Doreen Stock aired Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 7:30pm. (Credits - Director: Nancy Finston, Cameras: Lori Greenleaf, Technical Director: Brad Flaharty, Producers: Neshama Franklin and Brian Jones).

Watch the archived episode and read Doreen Stock's biography and bibliography below.

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Doreen Stock

Poet, essayist, memoir practitioner, Stock has been exploring creative nonfiction for thirty plus years from the feminine point of view as a wife, mother of three, single human, and grandmother of eleven. Her first book of poems, The Politics of Splendor, was part of a New American Writers exhibit at the Frankfurt Book Fair that year. It combined her own poetry and prose poems with her translation from the work of Marina Tsvetaeva and Anna Akhmatova.

While raising her three children, she wrote two book-length memoirs: FIVE: The Transcript of a Journey, detailing her family's travels through Europe in a VW van, and My Name is Y, an anti-nuclear demonstrator’s family memoir. She was also a small press (D’Aurora Press) editor and publisher at that time. The Bookcase, a memoir exploring totalitarianism and the self, was begun in Amsterdam in the eighties, and after that, Rani, describing Stock's first five-month stay in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. During seven years of travel in the nineties, she composed several collection of poems, Memorial Service, Poems of Arad among them, and the essays which eventually became, On Leaving Jerusalem: Prose of a Traveling Nature.

She has currently settled in Sausalito, California, where she continues to write poetry.  A work of historical fiction, Three Tales from the Archives of Love, and a collection of poetry, In Place of Me, selected from her chapbooks and introduced by Jack Hirschman are both currently looking for a publisher.


Unpublished - Three Tales from the Archives of Love

Unpublished - In Place of Me

2006 - Coloring the Face of Love: Poems

2004 - Eating Flowers

2004 - The God Cake: Poems selected

1997 - Memorial Service, Poems of Arad

1995 - On Leaving Jerusalem: Prose of a Traveling Nature

1984 - The Politics of Splendor

1980s - My Name is Y

1980s - The Bookcase

1980s - Rani 1980s - Five, The Transcript of a Journey