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Marin Poets Live! is a public access television show presented by Marin County Free Library and features host Neshama Franklin, who works at the Fairfax Library.

The show introduces local Marin poets and delves into their reasons for writing and the influence that living in Marin County has had on their poetry. The monthly show appears the second Thursday of each month at 7:30pm PST. Check the Community Media Center of Marin for schedules.

The interview with Joseph Zaccardi aired on Marin Poets Live! on Thursday, November 4 2013 at 7:30pm. (Credits - Director: Nancy Finston, Cameras: Lori Greenleaf, Technical Director: Brad Flaharty, Producers: Neshama Franklin and Brian Jones).

Watch the archived episode and read Joseph Zaccardi's biography and bibliography below.


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Joanne Kyger

Joseph Zaccardi is the author of three books of poetry, Vents, Render, and The Nine Gradations of Light.  His poems have appeared in the Southern Poetry Review, Runes, Poet Lore, Seattle Review, Spillway and elsewhere. He volunteers at convalescent hospitals reading poetry to the residents, and listens to them recite the poems they know by heart. He served as the third Marin County Poet Laureate from 2013-15.

Poetry came alive for Zaccardi in the 6th grade, when his teacher, Sister Francesca, gave him a small book of poems by William Carlos Williams; a gift, alas, that he has lost track of. Perhaps the power of poetry is that it stays with you, he says, even when it is not with you.

Born in Newark, New Jersey, on Labor Day, as a youngster, Zaccardi thought that that holiday was to commemorate his mother’s labor while giving birth to him. He has been drawn to poetry because he believes that every poem has multiple meanings, in some ways, every new poem is like a newborn child. 



  • 2003 - Marin Arts Council Artist Grant