“Winter Wildlife, A Study in White” A Photography Exhibit by Wendy Hannum

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Snowy Owl by Wendy Hannum

“Winter Wildlife, A Study in White”, A Solo Photography Exhibit by Wendy Hannum at the Fairfax Library during the month of October 2012.

“Winter Wildlife is unique. Living amidst a beautiful pristine environment of ice and snow while surviving the harshness of negative temperatures and biting wind. Braving the cold for hours to photograph creatures in their natural world is an incredible experience I hope to share through my photography” Wendy Hannum

Wendy Hannum is an award winning local photographer who has captured remarkable images of polar bears, snow monkeys, red crested white cranes, penguins and other animals in the wild during her travels to Antarctica, Iceland, Svalbard, Alaska, Japan, upper Manitoba and similar amazing places. Her photographs of wildlife living under the most challenging conditions of snow flurries, ice storms and freezing temperatures are breathtaking reminders of the beauty that thrives in the bitter extremes of cold climates.

Through her travels and photography, Wendy takes you to the remotest corners and most fragile places on this planet. Through her artistry, she preserves incredible images of the majestic animals that inhabit those far horizons. Experience the power and beauty of her photographs on display at the Fairfax Library through the end of October.

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