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picture of my cat chiliThis is my cat, Chili. He likes cuddles, food, hiding in paper bags, going on adventures in the woods, sitting in the bathtub, and his brother, Baby. He doesn't like rain, dogs, the word "no," and things that get stuck in his fur.



book cover of Hot-Air Henry

You can find the book Hot-Air Henry at the Library. It's about a cat who accidentally goes for a ride in a hot-air balloon. If Chili could read, I think he would like this book because he is very cover of Cats by Caroline Arnold


The book Cats by Carolyn Arnold tells all about cat behavior. I don't think Chili would like this one so much because he likes to be mysterious.


Do you have a cat like Chili? If so, I hope you give him lots of pets

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Posted by: Bonny White

Bonny is the branch manager of the  Bolinas, Inverness, Point Reyes and Stinson Beach libraries.

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Wow---a fine specimen of a cat!

You Rock Chili!  Great example of a fine feline waiting to see what will happen next and then pouncing on opportunity!  Love it!  Terry

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