Celebrate Thacher Hurd's Birthday---March 5

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Thacher Hurd grew up right here in Mill Valley and now lives in Berkeley with his family.  His father is well known as the illustrator for Goodnight Moon.  His mother was a children’s book author and has a wonderful book, The Blue Heron Tree, which was written to educate readers about the site that has become Audubon Canyon Ranch and help save it from development. 

But Thacher is a writer/illustrator in his own right.  Here are a few of his colorful children’s books:






By Karen MacPherson

It seems natural that Thacher Hurd is a children's book author and artist.

After all, his father was Clement Hurd, best-known as the illustrator of the beloved book "Goodnight Moon," and his mother was the popular children's book writer Edith Thacher Hurd.

But Thacher Hurd, whose latest book, "Zoom City" has just been published by HarperCollins, didn't grow up thinking he'd follow in his parents' illustrious footsteps.

"I wanted to be a baseball player, then a rock 'n' roll star," Hurd said in a recent interview after a talk to local children's book authors and artists.

"Then, in college, I wanted to be a fine artist . . . . I was completely obsessed by Vermeer. But I was completely bored. Finally I figured out that I wanted to be an illustrator, but nobody sent me anything to illustrate. So I decided I'd better write, too."


Be careful when you listen to "Mama don't allow no music playin' round here"----you'll be humming it all day!


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