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The DVR is programmed, the sofa is cleared, the snacks are ready, the remote is in hand, and the TV is tuned to ESPN2. Now, leave me alone, it’s March Madness!

You know March Madness, right? Conference Championships! Bracketology! The Big Dance! The Final Four! Of course, I’m talking about College Basketball. But my particular madness is Women’s College Basketball.

Basketball has been my passion since I was “allowed” to play with the guys in our church rec room, since I played on my high school team, since my dad put a hoop and backboard on the garage and I started beating the neighborhood guys at HORSE and 1-on-1. I played on my college basketball team (that’s me in the photo), and on Rec teams after graduation. But I didn’t suffer madness until I watched Cheryl Miller on television. And Dawn Staley. And Sheryl Swoopes. And shuddered from the glare of Pat Summitt. From there it was a quick spiral into madness. Or perhaps I should say addiction – I couldn’t get enough of women’s college basketball. I supported local college teams in Pittsburgh, New York City, and the Bay Area. And now with a DVR and more cable TV outlets, I happily become a couch potato from Thanksgiving to April as I watch one Women’s College Basketball game after another. (Except when I make the 110 mile roundtrip to Stanford to watch the Cardinal beat up on their conference and non-conference opponents. Go Stanford!)

Here are some interesting reads that may get you caught up in my madness:

Shooting From the Outside by Tara VanDerveer and Joan Ryan
Standing Tall: a memoir of tragedy and triumph by C. Vivian Stringer with Laura Tucker



Don't let the lipstick fool you by Lisa Leslie with Larry Burnett



Some must see DVDs:



Oh, gotta go. I’ve got games to watch!


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