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Fairfax patrons are being asked to return all materials in our new chute just outside the front doors.  What's behind that chute, some people are asking, and why did we move the chute?

Over several months, contractors worked to construct a circulation room in the Fairfax Library work area.  Most of the work was done between 1am and 9am so it would not interfere with library service.  Funds for these improvements come from Measure A, a $49-per-parcel measure that was renewed by 78% of the voters in 2014. 

First our old staff room was gutted, and the space beyond it was framed to create a larger room.

A diagram of the new room demonstrates how books that are returned in the bookdrop are checked in, then put on book carts or shelves.

The new room holds our new book drop, and has room to house check-in computers, shelving, and space for our daily delivery.


Books on hold for our patrons are delivered daily in large bins, then checked in so we can print hold slips.  Books that go to other branches are sorted into outgoing bins.

Our new check-in room works more efficiently, is quieter for our patrons, helps us get books onto the shelves faster, and allows staff in the public area to focus on the public! 


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