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The first Thursday of every month 6th - 12th graders turn in reviews from Advance Reader copies of books they took from the last meeting. Interested in participating? Contact Carla A. the teen librarian at the Novato Library, or 415 - 473 - 2050.

Here are teen reviews from Thurday 5/2/13:


Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick *****

A princess tale that has a male lead that isnt the quarterback of the football team, and doesnt seem like it came straight out of Disney. Becky faces the fears and insecurities that normal, every day girls do and teaches them how to over come those fears with Rebecca. Who portrays all the glitz, glam, and fashion all girls (somewhat, in their own way) secretly desire.  This book will keep you laughing until the end with the amazing scope of characters and sayings being thrown about. This is a must read and will always have a place on my bookshelf in my room and in my heart.  get on the holds list for this book today!

-Teen Reviewer Book Lover

Panic by Sharon Draper ***

Panic, by Sharon M. Draper, is a chilling novel that shows the consequence of one bad choice, and how it can effect an entire community. High school student and talented dancer, Diamond Landers, makes the risky move of trusting a stranger, and this gets herself caught in a horrible mess. Told through multiple perspectives, readers not only hear the brave voice of Diamond, but also the reaction of her friends and family to what has happened. Other topics include family expectations, toxic friendships, unhealthy relationships, teenage problems, and achieving goals. The only downfall of the book is a few weak moments in the plot, but besides that I would recommend it to any high schooler.

- Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin

You Know What You Have to Do by Bonnie Shimko ****

Bonnie Shimko's thrilling novel, You Know What You Have to Do, explores the seemingly normal life of fifteen year-old Maggie. Throughout the story she experiences trouble getting along with her parents, urges to meet her biological dad who is locked behind bars, a fading friendship with her best friend, the neighbor boy who won't leave her alone, the new boy who she has a crush on, and weekly meetings with her therapist. However, the real twist comes from inside Maggie's head, as she constantly hears a voice who tells her to commit completely immoral acts. This novel is defiinetly a one of a kind read that will keep the audience on edge until the very last page- I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good read!

- Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin


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