All branches of Marin County Free Library will be closed on Monday, July 4 for Independence Day.

The Marin County Free Library has ceased carrying the pre-printed paper copies of forms and publications for Federal or State tax returns. Over the past few years demand for the printed forms has dropped as taxpayers have increasingly begun to file electronically. Coupled with the ease of ordering tax forms by phone or downloading copies from the internet, the Library will no longer be devoting space and staff time to managing multiple cases of printed tax forms. Instead, tax forms are available on demand, and printing them yourself at Marin County Free Library branches is free of charge.

People still wanting pre-printed paper tax forms can arrange to have them mailed by phone. For Federal forms call 1-800-829-3676.  For California call 1-800-338-0505.

Tax forms can be downloaded from the Internal Revenue Service's web site at or from the California  Franchise Tax Board's site at These online forms can also be downloaded or printed out using library computers. The Marin County Free Library also has circulating and reference materials to assist with tax preparation. 

For more information please visit