Revenge of the Electric Car

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Revenge of the Electric CarRevenge of the Electric Car is a documentary about the resurgence of the electric vehicle in the world marketplace.  It is the sequel to Who Killed the Electric Car?, which documented the motives for destruction of GM's EV1.  The main difference between Who Killed the Electric Car and Revenge of the Electric Car is that, in the first one, you hopefully came away angry , in this one you come away with some hope.

In Marin, where there are probably more Prius' per capita than anywhere else, this documentary will fall on welcome ears.  We in the Bay Area do not have to be sold on gas-saving and emission crunching technology.  Richie RichI'm concerned about the rest of America that measures their toughness by how much horsepower is under the hood and if they can push the gas mileage to single digits, much like the guy to the right (click on the image).  Revenge shows how the biggest motivator behind all industry, money, is fueling the resurrection of the electric car.  GM the "convicted" killer of the EV1, is now one of the pioneers of conservation with their new Chevy Volt.  Some of the critics of the film say that it omits the fact that electricity is still generated from fossil fuels.  In my opinion, it does address the issue by showing how Iceland and Israel are upgrading their power infrastructures to more renewable energy and finding alternatives to fossil fuels.

A great aspect of the movie is that you get an insider's look into how a car company operates and thinks.  The documentary follows 4 men in their quest to produce electric cars for the masses, GM's Bob Lutz, Tesla's Elon Musk, Nissan's Carlos Ghosn, and independent Greg "Gadget" Abbott.  It's interesting because you see these men's thoughts and reactions on the industry, and more notably the current collapse of the global economy.  There are major ups and downs in the movie.  It's great seeing actual drama unfold in front of your eyes as you watch the film.  It beats reality TV by a mile.  Revenge is why I love documentaries.  It's real life, no script, no actors (well actors acting), real drama.  Sure it has an opinion and expresses that opinion, but it's just that an opinion.  I can listen to an opinion and make a choice whether or not to agree with that opinion or not, it's misinformation I have a problem with.

I really like the movie and I believe that everyone should see it, just like I thought about the first one.  After watching this, I really really want an electric car now.  Now it's just a matter of which one?

Chevy Volt

Tesla Model S

Nissan Leaf

Gadget driving is electric porsche

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