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Endangered Species Act 40th Anniversary

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It’s the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act.  The act was created to protect critically endangered species and the ecosystems on which they depend.  It was passed into law by President Richard Nixon on December 28, 1973, and is administered jointly by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

The disappearance of the passenger pigeon, and the near-extinction of the bison and the whooping crane, helped sound the call for wildlife conservation in the early 1900s.  The Lacey Act of 1900 was the first federal law that regulated commercial animal markets.  It was followed by the Migratory Bird Conservation Act of 1929, a 1937 treaty prohibiting the hunting of certain whales, the Bald Eagle Protection Act of 1940, and the Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966.  In March, 1967 the first list of endangered species was issued under the act, and included 14 mammals, 36 birds, 6 reptiles and amphibians and 22 fish.  The Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1969 amended and expanded the original law.  Finally, President Nixon called on the 93rd Congress to completely rewrite the law.

To find books in the library on endangered species, type the following  into the search box of the Encore Catalog, or as Keyword or Subject searches  in the Classic Catalog: Endangered Species, Wildlife Conservation, Rare Animals, and Endangered Plants.  You can also look under individual species such as California Condor , Polar Bear and Bald Eagle.

 a summer's worth of dingy motels, poison oak, ravenous insects, and the rarest species in North America      The atlas of endangered species       the natural history of a threatened species      the life, death, and rebirth of a perfect tree

Atlas of rare birds      a sometimes dismaying, weirdly reassuring story about looking at people looking at animals in America       dispatches from America's Endangered Species Act      an orphan seal, a marine biologist, and the fight to save a species

 ancient voices over America's wetlands       a seasonal guide      the fight to save North America's other wolf      World Wildlife Fund guide to extinct species of modern times




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