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With the increasing popularity of urban farming, beekeeping has been moving from rural into urban areas.  While this may be good news for the bees, not all neighborhoods welcome the little buzzing creatures.  According to a recent article by Meredith May in SF Gate, beekeeping laws can vary by zip code.  “In Marin County, it can vary street by street in some cases in the same town.  San Rafael, Tiburon, Fairfax and Sausalito require permits.  Novato allows backyard hives as long as they ‘are not for commercial purposes.’  Mill Valley bans backyard beekeeping.  Larkspur and San Anselmo have no regulations.  Within Corte Madera, some neighborhoods ban beekeeping, others don't.”  Before you decide to become a backyard beekeeper, check your local zoning ordinances.

 If you’re an aspiring apiarist, check out the “bee links” from the U.C. Davis Laidlaw Facility.  Your local library has lots of books to help you get started with your new hobby.  Look in the catalog under Bee Culture.

 organic approaches to modern apiculture      a guide to natural beekeeping in top bar hives      500 tips for successful beekeeping

Keeping bees in towns & cities      organic practices for honeybee health       all you need to know to tend hives, harvest honey & more

 an absolute beginner's guide to beekeeping your first year, from hiving to honey harvest     Build your own beekeeping equipment      what not to do when keeping bees (with apologies to my own)

 how one man and half a billion honey bees help feed America      in pursuit of liquid gold and vanishing bees     Building beehives for dummies

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Beekeeping and Bees

If you are new to beekeeping please consider a few basic concepts:

  • Feral bees are adapted to local conditions and healthier.
  • Catch swarms, don't buy queens / bees online!
  • Suburban bees don't need to be fed or treated with chemicals

If you want to take a class I strongly recommend you check out a classic course in Santa Rosa Jr College (usually Rhonert Park campus) - It's worth the drive, read about it online. I took 2 sessions with Mr. Labesque and found him to be the most compelling, care for the bees first teacher I've seen/heard.

See more: or

Definitely join

You will connect with great communities of 'beeks' and learn about swarms, techniques and honey types.

Have fun!


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