May is Short Story Month

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According to the website May is Short Story Month, “Short stories make the perfect intro to a new author’s work, a great way for readers to get a top-up from their favorite authors between novels, a perfect impulse purchase on a phone or e-reader.  After years of languishing in the shadows as magazines stopped publishing them and the big prize money went to novels, short stories are poised for a huge comeback.”

To find short story collections in the Marin County libraries, type Short Stories into the Search Box of the Encore Catalog.  For a slightly different list, search under Short Stories as a subject heading in the Classic Catalog, and then sort the results by date, newest to oldest.  Here are some new collections of short stories you might enjoy.

Let's explore diabetes with owls      stories     Redeployment

Thunderstruck & other stories      stories      stories

 stories      the lives of animals and humans in contemporary short fiction      original stories by Sweden's greatest crime writers

 stories      tales of darkness and dread      stories of the hidden China

 essays and stories      stories      stories

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