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An informal survey from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation asked 124 teens what they find most stressful:

55% were stressed out from homework & school (grades, tests, college, finals week)

15% by parents & family (expectations, pressure to do well, blowing it)

9% by social life pressures (friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, relationships, extracurricular activities, try-outs, shows, sex)

8% by time issues (no time, deadlines, keeping up, lack of sleep, doing two things at once, too much going on, unprepared)

4% by sports

9% other

Does this sound true for you?  If you need some help coping with stress, there are some resources listed in the “How to Deal” section on the Teen Life page:

Here are some books to take a look at:


Chill: Stress-reducing techniques for a more balanced, peaceful you by Deborah Reber




Complete idiot's guide to dealing with stress for teens

Complete idiot’s guide to dealing with stress for teens by Sara Jane Sluke




Fighting invisible tigers

Fighting invisible tigers: a stress management guide for teens by Earl Hipp




My anxious mind

My anxious mind: a teen’s guide to managing anxiety and panic by Michael A. Tompkins




A taste-berry teen's guide to managing the stress and pressures of life

A Taste-berry teen’s guide to managing the stress and pressures of life compiled by Bettie B. Youngs and Jennifer Lee Youngs with contributions from teens for teens




Or try this meditation CD:  Meditations for Young Adults by Lia

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