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The first Thursday of every month 6th - 12th graders turn in reviews from Advance Reader copies of books they took from the last meeting. Interested in participating? Contact Carla A. the teen librarian at the Novato Library, or 415 - 473 - 2050.

Here are teen reviews from Thurday 4/4/13:

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen *****

The Moon and More proves to be another one of Sarah Dessen's amazing books! In this particular story, Emaline is spending her last summer before college with her long-time boyfriend, Luke and spending time with her caring family. But when a tourist boy enters the picture, she is drawn to the bright future that he holds and wonders if the choices she's made about her are the right ones. Caught between two worlds, Emaline must listen to her heart to decide what path is right for her. Sarah Dessen's latest novel is extremely well-written, filled with realistic situations and characters, and definitely a story that will leave any reader with a gratifying smile. Release date is 6/4/13 get on the holds list for this book today!

-Teen Reviewer Radier Penguin

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey ****

This is a unique take on the apocallypse genre. Set in contemary times (as in the here and now) this book is full of the realness of being a human in a world being overun with Others (aliens) and having to make inhuman decsions to survie while clingt to sanity and what makes you, you (or us human). Besides the action scense that won't let you put the book down, and te romatic moments tha make your heart melt, this story is full of mind-bending twists and turns and unanswered questons that moake you crave the next book. Additonally the main character is a sharp-minded, determined, gunweilding heroine who would rathre fight and die than be pushed around, lose her humanity, and lose hope in the world. Release date is 5/7/13 get on the holds list for this book today!

- Teen Reviewer Book Lover

Nantucket Blue by Lelia Howland **

Lelia Howland's Nantucket Blue tells the story of Cricket Thompson, who has high hopes for her last summer before college. She looks forward to spending it with her best friend and finally catch the eye of her eye school crush, but a tragedy sends her summer plans down a completely different path. In my opinion, this book starts off somewhat slow and isn't a very engaging story. But with a surprise romance and a few comical characters, the second half of the book and a perfect ending make this book worth the read. Don't expect realistic and well-developed characters such as those found in Sarah Dessen or Deb Caletti books, but pick up this "fluff" read if you are looking for a quick story of a summer adventure. Rlease date is 5/7/13

- Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barres **.5

After reading this book you leanr two important lessons. First, there is someone, somewhere out there for you, no matter how alone in the world you feel. Secondly, you can always be loved no matter how undeserving you believe you are. [Not included in this review is the fact that this book is about assassins so go figure, average rating on goodreads is 3.5 stars]. This book has been published.

- Teen Reviewer Book Lover


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Posted by: Carla A.

Carla is a teen librarian at the Novato Library.

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