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The first Thursday of every month 6th - 12th graders turn in reviews from Advance Reader copies of books they took from the last meeting. Interested in participating? Contact Carla A. the teen librarian at 415-473-2050


The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson *****

Laurie Halse Anderson is back with her most moving novel since "Speak"! In "The Impossible Knife of Memory", teenager Hayley Kincaid returns to her childhood town to attend school. She lives with her father who is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his military tour in Iraq. Hayley must try to live a normal teenage life while being her father's only caretaker. When a mysterious boy at school takes an interest in her and her home situation becomes too much to handle, Hayley must make choices that will change her life forever. This compelling novel is impossible to put down and will have readers wondering the fate of each character until the final page.

-Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black ****

I really liked this book.The begriming was a little boring and I stopped reading it after a little while,but a week later I decided to finish it and loved the rest.This is also a female empowerment story,and the lengths the main character  will go through for the people she loves and the promises that she made.. There is a great finale at the end, though unfortunately the story kind of peters out after that.

-Teen Reviewer K


The Outside by Laura Bickle  ****

This review contains spoilers: I really enjoyed reading this book.The fact that Katie and Alex have such different personalities,yet they are perfectly matched for each other makes the storyline very interesting.When one of the main characters,Ginger,dies about a third of the way into the book it is sad but ends a long line of vampire attacks and them being okay.just after half way through the book Katie and Alex's story changes from just their own survival to helping other people,and it was a nice turn of events.the end is kinda action packed,but the book ends well with Katie and Alex becoming a part if Katie's old community.

-Teen Reviewer K

Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon ****

Contains Spoilers: This was a really good book and even though it seemed like it would be just like every other fairy tale it was completely unique.The whole book was fantastic,and very female impowering.There were many twists along the story and the end was the perfect mix of happiness and despair,the sudden realization that Mackenna's first love was also the boy of her dreams,who she had left in Doon forever was a great ending but very sad.

-Teen Reviewer K

Tumble and Fall by Alexandra Couts **

Encompassing three teenage stories, Tumble & Fall by Alexandra Coutts explores the idea of time. With an asteroid set to come in contact with Earth in only a week, the planet's inhabitants only have days to live. Friendship, new relationships, and the importance of family are all explored in this novel. It was engaging at some spots, but overall it was just another story relating to the end of the world.


Tandem  by Anna Jarzab

I'm intrigued as to how the next book will get the main character back or if they will come to her. I wish there had been more differences to the parallel universe but for the plot line it was good enough to make it work without getting super out there. Halfway through the book you'll most likely see an almost perfect solution to the problem but then a character surprises you.

-Teen Reviewer Book Luver

Premeditated by Josin L. McQuein ****

Premeditated by Josin L. McQuein is a realistic, mysterious novel that is intense as the cover portrays. Teenager Claire is in a coma in the hospital, as she recently tried to commit suicide. After reading Claire's diary, her cousin Dinah goes in search of the boy who is to blame. Dinah wants revenge, but after a series of unexpected twists, turns, and betrayals, her plan isn't as simple as it seemed. This book is very intriguing and I didn't want to put it down until the mystery was solved!

-Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin

This book is good and I can not wait for the final 4th book to come out. I love the new main character and how their power adds to the group but isn't an obvious one that can always be praised. It was an almost perfect mix of action, drama, and emotion. It introduces a new character that you're not sure if you can completely believe in their character and I'm excited to see how that will play out in the final book. I cant wait to read how the group dynamics will work now that its complete.
- Teen Reviewer Book Luver

The Paradox of Vertical Flight  by Emil Ostrovski **

When I read the back of this book I was wowed,it seemed amazing and wrong at the same time.Once I started reading I was kind of wierded out,I wasn't really sure what was wrong with the main character and kept thinking that through out the whole book.Overall I found the book pretty confusing and I did not like the ending,it was just too sad.The whole book was really unrealistic making the" moral"l" at the end of the non understandable.

- Teen Reviewer K

Indelible by Dawn Metcalf ***

This book presented an almost perfectly blank slate for a character so you can picture them the way you like and not have to conform to the authors description. The main character had moments where she was a little too Mary Sue for my taste but had brilliant moments where she pulled through and showed strength of her own. I liked the artistic value to this book and wished it went into a little more depth to it.

-Teen Reviewer Book Luver

Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff ****

Meg Rosoff is back with her latest read, Picture Me Gone, which explores family ties, love, and loss. The main character Mila embarks on a journey to London with her father when his best friend goes missing.  Mila has the power to gather hidden facts and emotions from clues that no one else sees, and this mystery is no exception. She is able to piece together parts of his life, but just when Mila thinks she is on the right path, a shocking twist makes her question everything. Another exceptional book by this award-winning author.

-Teen Reviewer Raider Penguin


The Rooftoopers by Karen Rundent ****

This book was everything that I hoped it would be! It had a lot of great imagery, and even though it was written with a younger audience in mind (the language is pretty simple) I actually really enjoyed the story line...I mean who wouldn't want to be part of a secret club of children living on the roofs of Paris?

- Teen Reviewer Emily Star
 To Be Perfectly Honest by Sonya Sones ****1/2
Sonya Sones is back with another compelling read called, "To Be Perfectly Honest", which features fifteen year old Colette who has a problem with lying. She lives under the shadow of her famous movie star mother and lies to escape this shadow. Colette's mother drags the family to a small California town to spend the summer, and Colette finds herself in a relationship with an older guy named Connor. From the start, Colette tries to keep her Hollywood life a secret, but little does she know that Connor is keeping some secrets of his own. Definitely a great read with a major plot twist for fans of any of Sones's other books


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