Poet Laureate of Marin

Terry Lucas has resigned as the Marin County Poet Laureate. The Library, the Marin County Poet Laureate committee and the Board of Supervisors want to extend our sincere gratitude for the contributions Terry made in his project “Poetry as Connection” during his successful tenure.

The next Poet Laureate process will begin this fall and announcement in early 2021. In the meantime poetry remains alive and well in Marin County!

Former Poet Laureate Prartho Sereno will continue supporting poetry as connection virtually through her online presence. You can find her on Facebook: facebook.com/prartho.

For further inspiration and connection, we encourage you to visit Marin Poetry Center’s online writing retreat. Each day’s blog post includes an exemplar poem or poems, a craft discussion or links to a craft essay, a prompt, a journal recommendation, and a recipe. The retreat is free and open to the public and designed so that you can follow along day by day or go back and sample previous posts – no need to register or make any commitment. Visit facebook.com/MarinPoetryCenter.

If you have questions, please contact Sara Jones, Marin County Free Library Director at sfjones@marincounty.org or Dick Brown, Coordinator, Marin County Poet Laureate Program at dick@wingspred.com.

About the Marin Poet Laureate Program

The Marin Poet Laureate Program is dedicated to building community through poetry by appointing and supporting a Poet Laureate for the county. As an ambassador for poetry, the Laureate promotes citizens’ awareness of poetry as well as heightens their appreciation of the art form.  The Laureate strives to forge a meaningful connection between poetry and the populace, undertakes projects that will make poetry more available and more accessible to people in their everyday lives, and demonstrates a dedication to the art of writing poetry.


Terry Lucas, 2019-2020

Rebecca Foust, 2017-2019

Prartho Sereno, 2015-2017

Joe Zaccardi, 2013-2015

Lyn Follett, 2010-2013

Albert Flynn DeSilver, 2008-2010

Sara Jones (Director, Marin County Free Library), Gabriella Calicchio (Director, Cultural and Visitors’ Services), Richard Brown (Chair), Suzie Pollak, Calvin Ahlgren, Joe Zaccardi, Suella Kennedy