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Fall is in the air in the Bay Area, and that means going back to school, updating your look, and getting ready for the latest batch of tech gadget rollouts.  Here at the library, we've updated our catalog "look" to the new Encore Discovery system.  The catalog "classic" is still available, of course.  Take a look at the new catalog here.

Why did we make this change?  The new catalog is designed to make it easier to find the items and information you want.  New features and tools to check out:

  • A single search box - now you can search for subjects, titles, and authors at the same time. Just type in any word or phrase to get started.
    Encore Discovery Search box



  • Filter your search - use the left column options to filter results by things like format (DVD, audiobook, etc.), location, language, etc.
  • Related search suggestions - if you didn't find what you were looking for in your first search, the system will suggest alternate searches which will give you more information
  • One stop searching - online articles from magazines and jounals are automatically included in your search so you don't have to go anywhere else
  • Community tagging - as you and others add tags to items, you can then search by tags to find items

Still not clear on the positives?  Here are some examples of how the Encore Discovery catalog can make your life easier:

  • Not sure what the exact title of that book was?  Discovery is easier here!  For example, you're looking for the next mystery in that series you love, but you can't remember the author's name.  You know the name of the main character, though-- so just type in "McNally mystery" and check out the results.
  • Or, you're working on a paper for school and you're looking for sources on global warming.  Try typing "global warming" in the Discovery catalog, and you'll see results for books, DVDs, and then the top results for articles, all in one page.  There's a tab at the top of the display that lets you move easily between the results from the catalog, or all articles.
  • Maybe you're looking for a new yoga DVD.  Try typing in "yoga" and then you can easily click on the format choice for DVD on the left side of the screen.  Want only the latest stuff?  Click on the "Sorted by date" option right under the Results and you'll see the newest items float to the top of the list.
  • You can search for tags other people have added to the catalog to help find items.  For example, maybe you're a part of a neighborhood book club.  You can add the tag "Park St. Book club" to your book club's choices, and make it easier for people to find them.  To add your own tags, log in to your MARINet account.  When you log in you can also rate items by clicking on the stars below the title.
  • Encore Discovery catalog keeps a list of your recent searches at the bottom of the page if you want to revisit what you've done during your search session, as well as recently viewed items, so you can quickly move back and forth.  It also lists related searches, as well as "You might also like these..." suggestions.
  • Wondering if this book is interesting?  You can read a summary and  reviews of a book, both from journals and from other readers on goodreads. 
  • You've heard that there's a new book out by the author of the Harry Potter series.  What was her name?  Was it J. D. Rowling?  Try typing that in... and you'll see there are no results, but Encore makes a suggestion  "Did you mean  J. K. Rowling?"  yes-- that was it!

Remember, you can always access the classic catalog, LINK+, eBooks and more from inside Encore Discovery-- look at the bottom of the screen in the footer for the links.

Encore Discovery catalog

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Posted by: Julie Magnus

Julie Magnus is the branch manager of the Corte Madera and Marin City Libraries.

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