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What can I access and why?

Your access to online library services is determined by your residence address. This is because the library contracts with companies to provide those services, and the terms of those contracts limit who has access to them based on residence. In some cases, our library joins with other libraries in Marin to obtain a subscription to a service. All Marin residents then have access to those services. In other cases, our library contracts alone, and then only the patrons living in our specific tax areas have access.

If you live in Marin

You can check which online services you have access to by entering your library card number to find out which is your "Home Library". Your Home Library relates to the tax area your home is in.

FIND YOUR HOME LIBRARY by entering your library card number on this MARINet page: What is my home library?, opens a new window

If you live outside Marin

Online access to some services may be restricted. We recommend contacting your local library to find out which services they subscribe to. You can also access our research databases while visiting any of our branches.

Have questions?

You can send us a question via our online contact form.

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