Downloadable Audiobooks

Getting Started with Downloadable Audiobooks

To access OverDrive & Hoopla audiobook services, you will need your library card number and password (PIN).
Access to our OverDrive service is only available to patrons who live in Marin County.
Note: Not all libraries in Marin offer Hoopla. Access depends on your residence address. Learn more.

Need help?  Visit OverDrive Help, opens a new window for information and troubleshooting.

  • No waitlists.
  • Check out up to 8 items a month.
  • Most Audiobooks, eBooks & Comics check out for 21 days.
  • You'll find items listed on Hoopla, but not in the library catalog.
  • Visit Hoopla Help, opens a new window for information on supported devices, including iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.

Need help?  Visit Hoopla Help, opens a new window for information and troubleshooting.


Need help?

We're here to help online or call one of our branches during open hours.

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