Book Bundles for Kids

Book Bundles for Kids

What are Book Bundles?

Book Bundles are a way to get some ‘surprise’ books based on your child’s interests. Our Book Bundles focus on Early Learning and Literacy. Each bundle includes 10 books and you can choose the reading level that is right for your child. Get up to 3 bundles per family!

We hope you and your children will discover some new favorites!

How to Request Book Bundles

To request Book Bundles, please fill out the form below, or call one of our branches during open hours.

Library staff will hand-select the books. Please allow 3-4 days for your request to be filled. You will be contacted by the branch when your order is ready for pickup.

Tips on which type of books to choose:

  • Picture Books are best suited for reading to children.
  • Easy Reader & Easy Chapter books are intended for children who are learning to read independently.
  • Easy Readers contain familiar words that are easy to sound out. Level 1 are the easiest, with no more than 1 sentence per page, usually with short repeated words. Levels 2 and 3 offer increasingly complex words and longer sentences. There can be some overlap between the levels.
  • Easy Chapter books are typically around 60 pages long with shorter sentences and paragraphs, fewer chapters, larger font and more illustrations than “regular” chapter books.
  • Chapter Books are longer fiction books intended for intermediate readers, generally ages 7-11. Because they cover a broad range of interests, it's important to include comments so library staff can choose books your child can read and enjoy.
  • If the books you receive are too hard, choose a lower level for your next bundle. If the books are too easy, choose a level up.

Book Bundles Request Form

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