Library Beyond Walls

The Library Beyond Walls service is currently suspended. More information will be available soon.

Library Beyond Walls is a free service of the Marin County Free Library offering library services to county residents who are unable to visit our various locations in person. Library Beyond Walls staff and trained volunteers deliver and pick up library materials from the homes of our patrons.

Any questions? Please call us at 415-233-1498.

Having access to the library resources enriches my life. When I became disabled, one of the support systems that have broadened my horizons, is the Library Beyond Walls program. The people who have been my volunteers have expanded and enhanced my universe.
SushilaSan Rafael


Library Beyond Walls provides in-home delivery of library books, tapes, CDs, and other materials to Marin County Free Library patrons who have a permanent or temporary disability that prevents them from getting to a branch of the library system.  We can also assist patrons in making use of our electronic resources, both for listening and reading.

Patrons receive deliveries at least once a month from trained volunteers. Materials are checked out to a patron, on his or her library card, for up to six weeks.

If you or a family member or friend would be interested in assistance with accessing our electronic resources, please contact our office at 415-233-1498.

If you or a family member or friend might be interested in our delivery service, click to print out a patron application packet. Once it is filled out you can mail it to us or drop it off at your nearest Marin County Free Library branch.

Patron Application
Thanks so much for bringing me those books! I’m in the process of setting up a website about Bella, my dog, and those materials have helped get me started.- Deirdre, Mill Valley
I feel inarticulate in terms of a statement that expresses my appreciation for LBW. I hope others can help portray what a wonderful service it is to the community … and also encourage folks to volunteer … as well as getting out the word to others who might benefit from receiving the service. I heart LBW!! - Eileen, Kentfield
I am 88 years old and no longer drive a car. My home, on a beautiful hillside above Mill Valley, can be extremely isolating. My life is enriched not only by the books but also by the connections bringing me the feeling of friendly support. This service is Priceless.- Robin, Mill Valley
Library Beyond Walls is a real life-saver, making my interactions with the library so much easier. My volunteer is great! She is friendly and prompt, and she is always making great suggestions. Thank you for this helpful service. - Martha, Fairfax
Library Beyond Walls means so much to me! I can’t walk to the library, as close as I live, but I can’t imagine life without books. Not having access to a library would be so lonely for me; books are my best friends. Library Beyond Walls and my volunteer bring those friends to me.- Ernestine, Fairfax
It can be so frustrating to have a medical condition that leaves you homebound and removed from the regular flow of life. My volunteer has helped me to stay connected to all the countless things that world has to offer through books, audio recordings, magazines, and more. I am very grateful for the LBW program.- Jonathan, San Rafael
My patrons for LBW usually become friends, or were friends already. Because I always must have something to read, I like fulfilling that need for others. My friend who has Parkinson’s enjoys listening to westerns on CD. Jerry, who’s in a wheelchair, likes most recent publications. Margaret, who’s 95, is most active, but can’t see to read, and loves mysteries on CD. Sheila devours pleasant novels from her lounge. None live far away, so I can keep close tabs on what and when they need books or books on CD. I enjoy my visits to the library, usually leaving with bags of books for my patrons.
JeanSan Rafael


Do you love libraries and the opportunities they provide for personal enrichment and enjoyment? Would you like to help fellow Marin County residents continue to enjoy those benefits when they are unable to visit a library themselves?

Whether due to injury or infirmity, many of our fellow citizens are deprived of that simple pleasure, for brief periods of time or on a more permanent basis. Library Beyond Walls is designed to meet that need, through the help of our dedicated volunteers. Please consider volunteering for this program!

Volunteer Application
  • Call our office at 415-233-1498
  • Contact Civic Center Volunteers at 415-499-7407

Thank you for considering Library Beyond Walls!