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How do we love eBooks from the library? Let us count the ways. They’re free. You can lug around Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom on an e-reader and give your arms a rest.  eAudiobooks can make your long commute more bearable. What’s more, no one can see what you are reading: Romance readers rejoice! We hope you’ll try them if you haven’t already.

Library CardYou will need your library card and password to access these resources.
Our eBooks, eAudiobooks and other digital materials are only available to residents of Marin County.
Further restrictions apply to some resources, including Hoopla. Learn more.

eBooks & eAudiobooks: Collections and Apps

Overdrive app


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Note: Checkouts and holds limits have been raised to 25, to expand access during COVID-19.

Getting Started

Kindle compatible

1. Download Overdrive app
2. Search catalog for Overdrive items
3. Checkout in library catalog
4. Download to device(s) from catalog or Amazon (if Kindle format)

Download Overdrive App

Help with Overdrive

Fill out the OVERDRIVE    Front Line Tech Support form and staff from Overdrive should be able to help you quickly.



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A new app from OverDrive: simplified and more streamlined. A great option for those new to OverDrive or those who have cards with multiple library systems!

Try Libby


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  • Checkouts: 8 per month
  • Holds: N/A
  • Checkout for up to 21 days

Getting Started

Choose to stream or download

1. Go to Hoopla site
2. Download  Hoopla app
3. Find item(s) you like
4. Checkout items in app or on website
5. Stream or download

Download Hoopla App

Help with Hoopla

Contact Us for Hoopla support





  • Checkouts: 10
  • Holds: 10
  • Checkout for 21 days

Getting Started

  • Search catalog for enki items
  • Checkout from enki website
  • Download from website using Adobe Digital Editions

Watch a “Getting Started” video here

Download Adobe Digital Editions

Help with enki

Visit the enki help forum for answers.

Downloads vs. Streaming

Pros: No wifi needed once you’ve downloaded files
Cons: Uses a lot of storage; one user at a time

Pros: No storage required; multiple users at once
Cons: Need constant wifi access

In-person help at the branches is currently suspended, due to COVID-19.

For help with ebooks, please contact us by email, phone or chat. Details.

Getting In-person Help with eBooks

eBook help sessions are offered by appointment at the following branches:

  • Civic Center Library
    To make an appointment, please call 415-473-4049.
  • Corte Madera Library
    To make an appointment, please call 415-924-6444.
  • Novato Library (English or Spanish)
    To make an appointment, please call 415-473-2050.
    Para obtener una cita de una hora, por favor deje un mensaje al 415-473-2068.