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Authors of fiction and non-fiction, in print or out of print, are included on this list if they were born or have lived in the county.  Journalists are not included unless they have published a book.  Self-published authors are not included unless there is strong local interest.  Birth and death dates are included if known.  Most recent place of residence is listed first when known.  The Anne T. Kent California Room has an expanded list that includes local poets whose work appears only in journals as well as self-published authors.

Marin Author Name Birth - Death In Marin Genres Website
Barnett, Alan Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Barnhart, Janice S Belvedere Non-Fiction
Barron, Nancy Belvedere Non-Fiction
Barron, Roy Novato Non-Fiction
Bastian, Ann Belvedere Non-Fiction
Bastian, Robert Non-Fiction
Baum, Willa K. Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Beals, Melba P. 1941 - Greenbrae, Sausalito Non-Fiction
Beaver, Floyd Mill Valley Fiction
Beggs, Edward L. Novato Non-Fiction
Bell, Arthur H. 1946 - Non-Fiction
Belvin, Evelyn L. Tiburon Non-Fiction
Benedict, Helen 1952 - Tiburon Fiction, Non-Fiction
Benedict, Howard 1902 - 1996 Tiburon Non-Fiction
Benet, Carol 1939 - Belvedere Non-Fiction
Berka, Alison Fiction
Berlandt, Herman J. Non-Fiction
Bernardi, Beatrice Boot 1901 - 1991 Non-Fiction
Berriault, Gina 1926 - 1999 Sausalito Fiction
Berry, Leonard L. 1942 - Non-Fiction
Berry, Ray Olema Non-Fiction
Bertelsen, Nancy Inverness Fiction
Berto, Frank J. San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Bessie, Alvah Cecil 1904 - 1985 Terra Linda Fiction, Non-Fiction
Besst, Nancy Terra Linda Non-Fiction
Bethards, Betty 1933 - 2002 San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Bierce, Ambrose 1842 - 1914 San Rafael Fiction, Non-Fiction
BigEagle, Duane Tomales Non-Fiction
Bingham, Helen 1886? - Non-Fiction
Binzen, William Woodacre Non-Fiction
Bishop, J. Michael 1936 - Non-Fiction
Blair, Richard P. Inverness Non-Fiction
Blake, Madeleine Graham 1948 - Inverness Fiction
Blake, Sally Mirliss 1925 - Mill Valley Fiction, Non-Fiction
Blaskower, Pat 1945 - Non-Fiction
Blinder, Martin 1937? - San Anselmo Fiction, Non-Fiction
Blonder, Ellen 1950 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Blotter, Claire 1949? - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Bodian, Stephan 1947 - Fairfax Non-Fiction
Boessenecker, John 1953 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Bogan, Louise 1897 - 1970 Non-Fiction
Bolen, Jean Shinoda 1936 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Bond, Marybeth 1952 - Tiburon Non-Fiction
Bonenti, Katherine E. Larkspur Non-Fiction
Boorsch, Suzanne Non-Fiction
Boorstein, Sylvia 1936 - Kentfield Non-Fiction
Borden, Charles Non-Fiction
Bowen, Rhys 1941 - San Rafael Fiction
Bowman, John Wick 1894 - San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Boyce, Geraldine 1926 - Fiction