Bolinas Reads/Kids Read: July 2019

drawing of Rain Pinkham Hines by Vanessa Waring
drawing of Rain Pinkham Hines by Vanessa Waring

A monthly interview with Bolinas Library readers.

Rain Pinkham Hines, 10 years old, is home schooled and lives in Bolinas with her mom, dad, and younger sister Beja, as well as her dog, Larry. She enjoys playing piano, drawing, surfing and reading. She is also in the Weaving Earth, opens a new window summer academy in Sebastopol.

What are you reading right now?

Five Kingdoms , opens a new windowseries by Brandon Mull. (Sky Raiders, opens a new window; Rogue Knight, opens a new window; Crystal Keepers, opens a new window; Death Weavers, opens a new window; Time Jumpers, opens a new window, an action packed adventure series.

What are some of your favorite books you have read recently?

Besides the Five Kingdoms, I like the Adventures of Tin Tin, opens a new window books (Herge) and Garfield, opens a new window (Jim Davis) which I read to my younger sister, Beja.

What kinds of stories do you like?

I like all genres, fantasy, mystery, adventure. The Brandon Mull, opens a new window books are really good because they are action packed and they live up to their names. I also like to read true stories, like El Deafo , opens a new window(Cece Bell), a story about the life of a young girl with hearing problems and her school experiences.

How do you find books that you want to read?

On the library shelf. I like to look through the shelves and get ideas. Once I find a series I like, I ask the librarian to order the other copies. Once I found a good book in the Pt. Reyes Thrift shop. It looked interesting so I got it and that’s how I got started on the Brandon Mull series.

Do friends tell you about books?

No, I usually tell them.

What’s the last book you recommended to a friend?

Real Friends, opens a new window (Shannon Hale). But she had already read it.

Do you remember learning to read and the first book you read?

Yes, The Carrot Seed, opens a new window. (Ruth Krauss). It’s about a little carrot seed and the brothers said, he’ll never grow but he grew into a giant carrot and was bigger than them.

How about a favorite picture book that was read to you?

Goodnight Moon, opens a new window. (Margaret Wise Brown) I would always ask for that book and sometimes my mother would say, why don’t we try something new tonight.

Do you like to listen to books too?

Yes on cd or playaway but usually cd because they are more available. Some of the stories I like are not on playaway.

What are some things you like about the library?

It’s comfortable and I like finding books. I also like the Summer Reading Programs. Right now I am doing the Teen one.

Why read?

Reading opens up all the worlds in the stories.