Easing Back-to-School Anxiety

It’s back-to-school season and for some kids (and many parents) anxiety is normal and understandable.  Transitions take a toll on everyone, but can also be an opportunity to connect and prepare together.  Here are some strategies to consider to ease back-to-school worries:

  • Write out and walk through daily routines for morning, school and bedtime.
  • Visit the school during non-school times. Role play and rehearse drop-off and pick-up.
  • Validate your child’s worries that starting a new school year, like starting any new activity, can be uncomfortable or even scary.
  • Help kids name the feelings that are coming up for them.
  • Remind them of past moments of bravery.

Additional reference articles:

Sharing books together is another option to explore the new experiences kids will discover at school, and to help prepare them for what to expect.  Here are a couple of lists with suggestions of books to choose:

  • Back to School - picture books about going back to school, being afraid, bravery and mindfulness techniques.
  • Back to School 2022 - books for kids preschool - grade 3, including getting ready for the first day, being afraid, how to be brave, making friends, learning about differences, and being welcoming to all.

Library staff are happy to help you select books!   You can contact your local branch, or request items through Book Bundles for kids, and Personalized Picks for adults.

Content provided by Benefits & Wellness Division of County of Marin Human Resources and Marin County Free Library.