How do I access the WiFi?

Our network name is Library. No password is required.

You will need to agree to our Acceptable Use Wireless Policy. After reading our Wireless Policy, click on “Accept” at the bottom of the page.

Your computer or device will need to have an activated wireless network card.

If you normally use other wireless networks, your computer may not connect automatically. You may have to go into the “settings” area of your device to find our network.

Because laptops and devices vary greatly, Marin County Free Library staff cannot offer technical assistance with establishing a wireless connection nor handle privately owned equipment. You are responsible for setting up your own equipment. If you are not familiar with configuring computers or networking, we recommend consulting your device’s manual.

Wireless Network users will not be able to use FTP (file transfer protocol), file share, or outgoing SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol). You can access web-based email using a laptop such as gmail, yahoo mail, etc.

The Marin County Free Library is not responsible for any changes that you make to your computer’s settings and cannot guarantee that your hardware will work with our wireless connection. We recommend that users read their PC and/or Wireless manuals thoroughly.