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Authors of fiction and non-fiction, in print or out of print, are included on this list if they were born or have lived in the county.  Journalists are not included unless they have published a book.  Self-published authors are not included unless there is strong local interest.  Birth and death dates are included if known.  Most recent place of residence is listed first when known.  The Anne T. Kent California Room has an expanded list that includes local poets whose work appears only in journals as well as self-published authors.

Marin Author Name Birth - Death In Marin Genres Website
Ridley, Jo Ann 1925 - Non-Fiction
Riera, Michael Non-Fiction
Ring, Kenneth Kentfield Non-Fiction
RoAne, Susan 1948 - Greenbrae Non-Fiction
Roark, Laurelee 1951 - Novato Non-Fiction
Roberts, Gillian Tiburon Fiction
Robertson, Helie Non-Fiction
Robinson, David 1936 - Non-Fiction
Robinson, Phillip R. Sausalito Non-Fiction
Robinson, Susan Bolinas Non-Fiction
Roby, Cynthia 1947? - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Roby, Steven Non-Fiction
Rockford, T. Jay 1924? - 1998 Sausalito Non-Fiction
Rogers, Ann Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Rogers, Mary Tiburon Non-Fiction
Rogin, Neal San Anselmo Non-Fiction
Rogoff, Marianne Kentfield Non-Fiction
Rosenfeld, Anne Wertheim Kentfield Non-Fiction
Ross, Ruth 1929 - 1994 Corte Madera, Sausalito Non-Fiction
Ross, Wilda 1915 - Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Rovetta, Ane Inverness Non-Fiction
Rubenstein, Robert Non-Fiction
Rubin, Alan L. Tiburon Non-Fiction
Rubin, Charles 1939 - Non-Fiction
Ruffner, Sara 1911 - Mill Valley, Sausalito Fiction
Ruggles, Eugene 1935 - 2004 Non-Fiction
Ruth, Doris M. Non-Fiction
Rutter, Peter Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Rutter, Virginia Beane Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Ryan, Kay P. Fairfax Non-Fiction
Ryder, David Warren 1892 - 1975 Mill Valley, Sausalito Non-Fiction
Salcedo, Nancy Stinson Beach Non-Fiction
Sales, Georgia MacLeod Belvedere Non-Fiction
Sales, Grover 1919 - Belvedere Non-Fiction
Salin, Marjorie G. Point Reyes Non-Fiction
Samuels, Michael B. Larkspur Non-Fiction
Samuels, Nancy Novato Non-Fiction
Samuels, Nancy H. 1943? - 1993 Bolinas, Sausalito Non-Fiction
Sanborn, Margaret Mill Valley Non-Fiction
Sanford, Marcelline Hemingway 1898 - 1963 Tiburon Non-Fiction
Santana, Deborah 1951 - San Rafael Non-Fiction
Saroyan, Aram 1943 - Bolinas Fiction, Non-Fiction
Sato, Kazuo Belvedere Fiction
Savage, Michael 1942 - Tiburon Non-Fiction
Scariano, Margaret 1915 - Novato Non-Fiction
Schaefer, Lynne Novato Non-Fiction
Schapiro, Nicole 1943? - Sausalito Non-Fiction
Schell, Orville 1940 - Bolinas Non-Fiction
Schermerhorn, James Corte Madera Fiction
Schneller, Sibyl Croly 1888? - 1982 Mill Valley Non-Fiction