Bolinas Reads: July 2022

A monthly interview with Bolinas Library readers

Jimena Bat Cipriano, a bi-lingual sixth grader at the Bolinas School, lives with her mom and dad and little sister in Bolinas and has been here since she was three years old. She is an avid reader who has been coming to the library for her books for many years. She also enjoys after-school basketball, roller skating, running and drawing.

What are you reading now?

I have a lot of books checked out right now that I am reading and plan to read. The list is so long but here are some of them:  In the Hand of the Goddess, opens a new window (Tamora Pierce), Five Feet Apart, opens a new window (Rachael Lippincott), Holding up the Universe, opens a new window (Jennifer Niven), Hello from Here , opens a new window(Chandler Baker), When We Wake, opens a new window (Karen Healey), The Testing, opens a new window (Joelle Charbonneau), Across the Universe, opens a new window (Beth Revis) and more.

Right now I have some books on hold too. She Gets the Girl, opens a new window (Rachael Lippi), Breathe and Count Back from Ten , opens a new window(Natalia Sylvester), A Thousand Steps into Night, opens a new window (Traci Chee), and The Valley and the Flood, opens a new window (Rebecca Mahoney)

What have you read this year that you liked?

I thought the Starters, opens a new window series by Lissa Price was really good. It’s science fiction. I like reading books in a series because there are always more to look forward to.

What kinds of books do you like?

I like a good story that you can escape into, kind of like going to the movies in your head; a book where you don’t know what will happen next. My favorite kinds are Science Fiction, Adventure, Mystery, Horror, and Dystopian. I don’t usually read non-fiction. I love fiction and suspense but not anything too scary. I recently read a book about a boy who wakes up in different bodies; Every Day, opens a new window (David Levithan).

How do you find books that you want to read? Do you browse in the library? Use the catalog?

Well, I used to look at the books in the teen section in the Bolinas Library, but I don’t so much anymore because I’ve read almost all of them. Now I come in the library and ask the librarian to find books for me. Sometimes I know the titles of what I want but other times I just know the type of fiction, like Dystopian and they will help me find titles.

What do you like about the library?

I feel comfortable in the library. I can order books. I usually come with my little sister to the kids room. Every time I go to the library she cries to come with me. Sometimes I check out movies that I can watch with her.

Do friends ever recommend books or do you recommend books to them?

Only if a book is really good, but we don’t always like the same things. Once and a while I will recommend a book to a friend but they don’t always read it.  Sometimes I also get ideas from my teacher.

Do you ever listen to audio books or read ebooks?

I used to listen to books but not I prefer to read them, the real thing, paper.

Do you remember any of the first books you read by yourself?

Oh yes, It was a series of books about a hamster who can open the cage and get out and have adventures. The series was called The World According to Humphrey, opens a new window (Betty Birney). It was a chapter book and I read the whole series.

Do you have any books at home?

I have some books in my room that sometimes I like to re-read but only if it’s a book I really like. Usually I like to read a book where I don’t know what will happen.

What is your ideal reading spot?

I like to read in my room or on the couch, get cozy, maybe grab some popcorn and then it’s like watching a movie in your head. I love reading for the suspense and adventure and escape into other worlds.