Bolinas Reads/Kids Read: July 2019

drawing of Arlo Murch by Vanessa Waring
drawing of Arlo Murch by Vanessa Waring

A monthly interview with Bolinas Library readers.

Arlo Murch is a 10 year old living in Bolinas with his parents and younger brother and sister on their organic vegetable farm. He will soon be in 5th grade at the Bolinas School. He’s looking forward to 5th grade but doesn’t want summer to end. He likes cooking reading, hiking, traveling and taking care of his guinea pig, Taffy. Right now he is doing the teen summer reading program in between camping and family trips.

What are you reading now?

Magnus Chase series, opens a new window by Rick Riordan.

Right now I’m reading the first book in this series, The Sword of Summer, opens a new window.

Are there other series that you have read recently or that are favorites?

I liked the Percy Jackson , opens a new windowseries also by Rick Riordan.

The Land of Stories Series, opens a new window (Chris Colfer).

The Hobbit, opens a new window (JR Tolkien).

What kind of books do you like?

I like a good adventure story. I liked the first and third Harry Potter books:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, opens a new window; Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, opens a new window (J.K.Rowland).

I also like books about making things.

How about Graphic novels?

Yes, I like reading them too, especially anything by Marvel, opens a new window.

Do you like listening to books on cd or playaway?

Actually I have a Kindle that I like to listen to books on and sometimes read them too. I also listen in the car and on camping trips. I like it because it’s so convenient. I also find suggestions of books to read on it.

Do you remember anything about learning how to read?

I really don’t remember. It just clicked for me.

Tell us about your library experience. What do you like about the library?

I’ve been coming to the library here in Bolinas since I was young, sometimes with my grandmother, Sarah. And sometimes with my mom. When I was little I liked picture books and having them read to me. Now, I like coming to the library to use the computers and play games as well as checking out books.

Are there any books you read in school this year that you liked?

How to Draw Manga, opens a new window by Christopher Hart. I also enjoyed all the books I got from the Book Fair.

Do you ever read to your younger brother or sister?

I read half of a Magic Treehouse, opens a new window book (Mary Pope Osborne). It was kind of fun reading to her. She liked it.

Why read? Because I get to think about plots and it passes time. Also I go into a state of calm.