Welcome to the Marin County Free Library!

  • Please apply for a free Library card if you wish to borrow materials or use public computers
  • Please ask a librarian if you require assistance
  • Please phone ahead to ensure a book, CD, or DVD is available - we'll hold it for you
  • Please let us know if an item needs mending or an area needs cleaning
  • Please let us know what Library materials you've enjoyed reading, listening to, or viewing
  • Please ask how you can become a volunteer or Friend of the Library
  • Please use Library computers in accordance with the posted guidelines


Please observe the following rules of conduct:

  • Do not vandalize Library materials, equipment or facilities
  • Do not bring food into the Library
  • Do not bring beverages into the Library, except in containers with lids or caps
  • Do not bring beverages near public computers or other specially-designated Library locations
  • Do not bring pets into the Library, except service animals
  • Do not enter the Library without appropriate attire, including, but not limited to, shoes and a shirt
  • Do not harass other Library users or staff. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated
  • Do not loiter on Library premises
  • Do not leave children unattended
  • Do not disturb other Library patrons. This includes, but is not limited to, creating noise (including loud cell phone use or conversation) and exuding a strong enough bodily odor to prevent others from using the Library
  • Do not bathe, shave or wash clothing in the rest rooms

The Marin County Board of Supervisors determines the rules for public behavior in the Marin County Free Library branches. These guidelines protect Library users, staff and materials. The Library reserves the right to exclude a patron from its branch libraries if the patron violates the Public Use Computer Policy, damages Library property, injures other Library patrons or staff, or disrupts Library business.

Thank you.

Approved by the Board of Supervisors July 29, 2003