Child Safety Policy

Our goal is to provide a safe and positive environment for every child who visits the library. We post the following guidelines for parents and caregivers:

Supervise your child in the library. Staff members are not responsible for supervising individual children. If your child is under the age of 8, please be sure he/she is supervised at all times by a responsible caregiver aged 14 or older. If library staff cannot locate a parent or caregiver, local law enforcement will be notified to assure the child’s safety.

Be sure your child observes library guidelines for quiet, respectful behavior. If your child is disruptive or loud, please take him/her to the lobby or outside until the behavior is remedied.

Be sure that your child (8 or older) knows how to reach you if he/she goes to the library without adult supervision. Occasionally the library may have to close early, or library staff may need to ask children who continue disruptive behavior after one warning to leave the library. Your child needs to know where to go or whom to contact in such a situation.

Remember our closing times.
If your child comes to the library unaccompanied, please be sure that he or she is picked up by a responsible caregiver prior to the library’s closing time.


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