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The StoryWalk® 2022 program has now ended.

Thank you for participating! We'd love to hear your feedback.

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1.   Your StoryWalk® starts at Peruva Auto Services
      64 Bolinas Road

2.   Padma Yoga Studio
      56 Bolinas Road

3.   Fox + Stone Collective
      54 Bolinas Road

4.   Solstice Mercantile
      50 Bolinas Road

5.   Krakatoa Bikes
      42 Bolinas Road

6.   Revolution 9
      14 Bolinas Road

7.   SONAS
      10 Bolinas Road

8.   Ghiringhelli's Pizza
      45 Broadway

9.   Deleuse Jewelers
      55 Broadway

10. The Hummingbird
      57 Broadway

11. Fairfax Variety
      61 Broadway

12. Fairfax Scoop
      63 Broadway

13. Fever Boutique
     65 Broadway

14. Fairfax Barber Shop
      67 Broadway

Need help?

Call us at Fairfax Library at 415-453-8151 during open hours.

About StoryWalk®

Read a story together as you enjoy a walk through your town or local park!

A StoryWalk® is a fun, family-friendly, outdoor activity, where pages of a book are placed along a walking route. Each stop along the way displays one page of the book.

Agua, Agüita / Water, Little Water by Jorge Argueta tells the story of the water cycle from the perspective of one little droplet. The story is written in three languages: English, Spanish, and Nahuat.

Pick up a route guide from your local library or see a list of all routes.

Happy trails!

Agua, Agüita / Water, Little Water by Jorge Argueta


Here are some fun learning activities you can do together along the walk and after the walk.


Here are some booklists with suggested reading to learn more about the water cycle and nature.

The StoryWalk project is generously supported by the Friends of the Marin County Library.

Thank you to all our community partners and participating members of our civic and business communities!

Peruva Auto Services - Padma Yoga Studio - Fox + Stone Collective - Solstice Mercantile - Krakatoa Bikes - Revolution 9 - SONAS - Ghiringhelli's Pizza - Deleuse Jewelers - The Hummingbird - Fairfax Variety - Fairfax Scoop - Fever Boutique - Fairfax Barber Shop

This interactive program is designed to foster a sense of community and a love of story. It encourages community members to get to know their local businesses and parks, while promoting play, literacy, and exercise through a book-inspired treasure hunt.


The StoryWalk® Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. Storywalk® is a registered service mark owned by Ms. Ferguson.

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